Cooking School~Group 3

Well-I finally got to see what all the excitement was about!  It was my turn to attend the cooking school.  Since I had the camera with me this week, you will see a ton of pictures from our small group-but all 3 groups will be able to relate to this experience.  (This is 1/2 of group 3 with me) We had a blast!  The first half hour Patrizia talks a lot about how a typical mother in Tuscany, in her mothers era, would have prepared meals for her family.  She prepares as much from scratch, and her own garden and vineyards, as possible.  If she didn’t grow it, she wants to know who did.  Then it was on to the kitchen.  We had several men in our group who love to cook, so we let them!  The making of the ravioli was quite a task.  The pasta was made with spinach and also had a spinach/ricotta filling. The guys really had to chop to get it fine enough for her taste.  Then the pasta was cranked through the machine, by hand, five times to make it thin enough.  The herbs picked from the garden were what gave our sauces, and dishes  such a wonderful taste.

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